Realism Holidays

RSC Religious Holiday Name Date Description
SAUD (pronounced \ˈsäd\) 
Self-Aware Universe Day


April 26-28th Celebration and worship of the Self-Aware Universe.

Realists at minimum are expected to meditate and make offerings of fresh plantings in the wild to revere and further their connection with the Self-Aware Universe.  On this in particular, it is expected that the meditation will occur in the early morning and late in the evening.

During the day, Realist are to connect with nature and thus the Self-Aware Universe more deeply by hiking, living off the land, camping, etc.

THABS (pronounced \ˈtabs\)  
There has always been something Day


July 8th Celebration of the realization that “if there was ever nothing, there would be nothing now”.

There is a day of fasting to appreciate nothing, following by reflected discussion, followed by meditation, then dining in the evening.

This allows Realists to revere and further connect to the Self-ware Universe in a deeper way by appreciating that it has always existed.

IKIE (pronounced \ˈīk\)
I know I exist Day

Third Friday in March Celebration and acknowledgement that “I exist”.

In order to revere and more fully connect with the Self-Aware Universe, Realists gather in groups,  showcase & share their talents and discuss learnings & ideas from the sacred book The Self-aware Universe.