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For each activity, the RSC uses a pool of volunteers.  The number of volunteers volunteering for the RSC is generally increasing and is expected to rise in the coming years.  Further, as the results of the fund raising efforts are realized, the RSC expects to hire employees in the long term.  As a result, the number of volunteers/employees allocated to each of the activities mentioned below is expected to increase.  The beneficiaries of the activities of the RSC is the general public and the RSC does not charge any fees to those it provides services to. 

Teachings disseminated via the Internet:

The Internet is the primary channel for advancing the religion.  Currently, the organization’s website describes what Realists believe, describes the organization, and provides an Answer service for those who have questions about reality. 

The RSC also provides services via its Facebook site where individuals can also see what Realists believe and what the organization is about.  Further, it contains a discussion area with topics posted by the organization to help increase and sustain religious belief as well as promotes interfaith dialogue.  The topics are managed by RSC volunteers to ensure they are relevant to Realism and ultimately the advancement of Realism.  It also has a wall section where the organization posts thoughts to increase and sustain religious belief in Realism.

Through lectures performed at gatherings:

Formal gatherings will be organized that are more focused on proselytizing through preaching in person.  Strategies for organizing these events will be via the aforementioned Internet social media site, the primary web site as well as posters at universities and the formation of formal student groups at universities.  These will be organized by RSC volunteers.  Until a house of worship is built, gatherings will be held in locations that support religious gatherings at little to no cost.  Examples of this are the Universities, local community centers and public parks.

House of worship and Camps:

Fundraisers will be organized to establish, maintain and support a house of worship with services conducted in accordance with the tenets and doctrines of Realism including religious seminaries.  Subsequent fund raisers are also planned for religious camps/retreats.  Strategies for organizing these events will be via the aforementioned Internet social media site, the primary web site and through charity dinners.

The strategy for developing the house of worship will be the responsibility of the directors of the RSC.  There will be several phases to establish, maintain and support a house of worship.  The first phase is fundraising as outlined above.  While this phase is in progress, detailed plans will be created to determine the criteria for a site location and a development company to lead the actual development phase.  Further, the directors will also determine the general characteristics that the house of worship should have to support the advancement of Realism such as providing religious services and facilitating worship available to the public.  Once these phases are complete, the development company will be selected via a formal RFP process.  The directors of the RSC will then select the winning proposal and commence the build phase.  Volunteers will be encouraged to contribute to the build phase to reduce costs as long as the other services are not significantly affected.  The amount raised during the fundraising phase will be an amount that will cover the first 3 years of maintenance costs.  On-going fundraising will be performed in order to cover the maintenance costs of the house of worship.

A similar plan will be used for development of a Camp, however, those plans are not expected to be executed until 3 years after the completion of the house of worship.

The establishment of religious schools is a goal of the Realist Society of Canada but is not being considered in the short term.

Other activities:

The study of sacred texts is strongly encouraged by the organization.  Preaching by Realists to others at an appropriate time is encouraged by the organization through discussion and published materials. Religious arts including music and artwork is also encourage by the organization and several Realist works of music and art are currently in progress.

The first musical composition was recently completed by a RSC volunteer and is being reviewed by the directors.